KD Marketing LLC is a marketing firm with our primary office located in Cleveland County, North Carolina. We provide strategic, creative and effective marketing plans and ideas for our trusted clients. Much like the dragonfly, our team is consistently looking at what is new and fresh around us, always searching for ideas and tools that meet the needs of our clients. KD Marketing provides website development, graphic design, branding campaigns, and marketing plans and development, including social media for businesses.  Our ideal client is a new company seeking to build its brand or an established company desiring to regain top of mind recognition.

Just as a dragonfly is able to balance itself on the surface of the water, we at KD Marketing see ourselves as strategically balanced between two perspectives. While thoughtfully observing all of the activity going on in the world around us, we are also ever-mindful of the vast depth of thoughts, dreams and intuition that lie just below the surface of the everyday world. We strive to master these two realms -- harnessing the power of creativity to discover real-world solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

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